By micao_hirasa on Flickr.

Schloß Augustusburg, Brühl, Germany.

legs in plaster

Anonymous said: ahh that is interesting! what term will you be applying for for accd? do you have friends there so thats how you found out about it or how did that happen? The only reason I ask is because i had no idea about accd until my instructors at my community college told me about it.

Hopefully fall. I do know a handful of people that do or have attended ACCD. My best bet is to attend as many on campus tours or events for incoming students. Looking at alumni work, especially in your major of interest may help your decision as well!

Anonymous said: will accd offer you a quicker route than a 4 year?

You have the option of graduating in 2y8m if you work your buns off. It’s a much harder and intense program there, and I’ve heard the professors cut you no slack. Main difference is otis is 2 semesters/ year, ACCD is 3 terms.

Anonymous said: how are you enjoying otis? I'm thinking of applying to art school soon and would love to hear what you think of it

Otis offers a wonderful program, and the professors are very talented. The only downside there is that it is a 4 year program, which is a bit too long for me..I am in the middle of building a portfolio to transfer to ACCD. My advice to you is to research and compare different schools based on your focus of design.