dopegalore said: you was at a wildn out taping ?


Anonymous said: Why do you prefer to draw things which are not visually appealing to most? Ie the fat cat, skulls, etc. why not flowers or something pretty? Just wondering, you're art is still amazing!

A stimulating observation, thank you for your insight. I do indeed fancy the pleasant things in life, and I often exhibit that when I desire to. However, I find that the menacing, grotesque, uncanny…abundant, in a sense where it is more suitable for illustrating what is captured from my perception. My objective is not to make the pretty prettier, or the ugly uglier. I simply put down whatever I am feeling inspired to draw at that very moment, and the result of that is what I identify as the porthole into my universe. 

Beginning stages of an ugly-kawaii cat series commission  👹😽

 Salvador Dali
A Couple with their Heads full of Clouds (1936) 

An artist who stops making art is committing emotional suicide.  Get off the couch and start painting again.

Akira, 1988
Hi I’m Anna, and I walked straight into a glass door last night and busted my lip. 😗